Open Positions

  • Website Administrator

    Website Administrators work primarily on the main website (not the forums).  They have the choice of working on specific items such as:

    • Tournaments and Leagues - Administrating match results, rosters and scheduling.
    • Individual Unit Pages setup and handover to the realism unit's leader and instructing them how to update their page.
    • Creating new content for the website and updating community news feeds

    All functions are handled through back-end editing in the Joomla CMS system.  No downloads necessary and all can be taught to you upon applying.  No web administrator background is needed.  

  • Public Relations Officer

    The Public Relations Officer is the main administrator for the DOW-RC Steam Group and is responsible for creating engaging content to keep members happy while networking to attract more members.  The PRO is also the main contact for Realism Units involved with the DOW-RC.  Specific duties include:

    • Constructing Announcements and Events on the DOW-RC Steam Group for community purposes such as announcing a new unit recently registered, units disbanding, mergers that occur, interesting news about the community that is aimed at increasing activity, and news about Days of War.
    • Maintains the "Topic of the Week" section of the forums and website.
    • Assists League Organizers advertise upcoming leagues and notifies leadership for DOW-RC units.

    The PRO has the widest range of areas of the website and community in general that they operate in.  Mostly in Steam and the Forums, the PRO also must be active in DOW-RC Unit's website forums and must also produce weekly "Topic of the Week" discussions on the main website and forums. 

  • Forum Moderator

    Forum Moderators are responsible for keeping the DOW-RC forums neat and tidy.  They are also responsible for overseeing overall behavior to ensure a healthy and progressive community by issuing warnings and/or bringing up a member for suspension and ban review. Their specific duties include:

    • Moderating forums to keep threads in appropriate forums if posted in the wrong area, pinning/locking threads that warrant need for it, deleting spam,  being active themselves on the forums and assisting users having trouble with areas of the forums.
    • Issues warnings for members who's behavior is showing aggressive or unprofessional.  If offense is too great for a warning or multiple warnings for a single user have been reported, Forum Moderators can issue a vote in the Staff Forums to have that member removed or suspended.
    • When placing a individual up for suspension/ban vote, the Forum Moderator must gather all inflammatory posts and/or other evidence outside of the DOW-RC (for instance a hacking video circulating or highly offensive remarks in other places) to present to the voting thread.  

    The Forum Moderator position works primarily on the forums of the DOW-RC.