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  3. After a lot of consideration, we have decided by vote to disband the 3rd Marines. A few of us are going to be making a new unit called the 2nd Infantry Division (US Army). Hooah View the full article
  4. It's widely known that the Marines not only are the best branch the world and make the most woman pregnant, but they also have the best damn commercials on the planet! Come check out their newest one here. Also, the first non-DOW owner to respond with a motivated "OORAH!" (or something USMC related) shall receive a free copy of Days of War! And just for laughs, here is the Army's hahaha View the full article
  5. Ashton has given us another glimpse to what we can all expect in Screaming Steel and it looks great! A lot of you guys may remember Semmel who was involved in 2.0 creation back in 2012. He did some of the amazing pieces you saw like the new Somme and Marne screenshots. They are showcasing a new type of attack/defend map (glad to see all those many years of realism play where clearly understood this go around as being a major boost to gameplay enjoyability) that looks promising. Another interesting addition is a portable telephone operator. This class is needed for a officer to be able to call in support artillery, gas and smoke barrages. Finally, it shows off some new mapping assets Semmel and old timer Volcol (now also with the Verdun team) brought with them to Screaming Steel along with some new 3rd party firing animations. DONT FORGET TO GIVE THEM FEEDBACK! View the full article
  6. If you are in PA get in TS!!! View the full article
  7. If you are in PA get in TS!!! View the full article
  8. RO2PUB night! I'll join when I'm done with the PA Meeting! View the full article
  9. I was not able to play in this one due to a game crash with this map. So one of our junior Marines took charge (in USMC fashion) to get the job done. (Match starts at 14:00) Want to play with us in some future realisms? We are getting close to start opening these up to the public and host some private realisms with you guys. ETA 3 weeks from now. Reply if you are interested so we can get a approximate head count on what to expect. Thanks!View the full article
  10. Get Good!!!! Come join S2!!!!!!!! View the full article
  11. Nah, it makes sense. 1. New players can't join it and wont understand. They then say game is broke in review. 2. For all we know Valve could had said use it as a unnofficial once you reach final release. We don't know what was agreed. 3. Until Map editor is released. How much would Valve believe Driven Arts claims they did not have something to do with its reappearance. On a side note, not saying this is you Harris, just a rant. I'm so tired of people over thinking/judging EA games. So quick to call them cash grabs and developers have up gave on it or that everything is a conspiracy. There are hundreds of EA titles releasing every month, there is no trend here to support those claims.
  12. What could be done to keep it in the rotation? If they keep having to remove it, even if it is now an "unofficial" map, what does that say about true community recreated maps? Will those just get pulled too? This is concerning on more levels than one.
  13. We have added "Fog of War" to our list of games that we will be hosting regular events in much like how we did "Pledge Days" for WW1 Source. If you own and play Fog of War, these events are sponsored by us and promotes teamwork using those in the event to devestate the enemy forces. Be sure to subscribe to the planner page to never miss a event again: ***Note that we will not make another Announcement when hosting future events in Fog of War. All we will do is bump the planner topic to alert any of you who subscribed*** NEW EVENT POSTED We are hosting our first ever event in "Fog of War" on Sunday at 1300 EST (1PM NY-City Time). - We are not leaving Days of War or expanding into another game. We have simply added FoW to the list of games we support on the side. PRIZE GIVEAWAY We will be handing out prizes in this event. They are as follows: ★ Enemy Front ★ Days of War (2 Copies) ★ Hearts of Iron III + all DLC Collection **You must be in our Teamspeak AND in the server we will be playing in to be considered for winning a prize. You must also not already own the game you win.** View the full article
  14. Looks pretty sweet tbh. Someone said it is using UE4 , but it does look more open. So it could be more efficiently coded. My problem is it looks like its just going to be a H&G knock off and will run servers in house. I could be wrong, but I'll wait for your review.
  15. ======================================================= File of Excommunication: ======================================================= Name - "Johnny Rico" Reason - Mass-Espionage, toxicity towards everyone, DDoSing, etc. SteamURL(s) - Account 1 - Account 2 - ======================================================== I do decree, a dis-honourable excommunication. Please do not contact this person, if they contact you, simply block them. View the full article
  16. A few of us in 3rd MAR will be buying this new game tomorrow with plans to host a event in it on Sunday (2/26/2017) at 1300 EST. We have no plans of actually operating in it, but if it is good then the plan is to host events in it like we do with WW1 Source from time to time. It appears it will have a tiny little community so organized events may be what is needed to keep the game alive through it's own EA life span. Many of you within this Steam Group have played with us for months or even years and we want to give you all more areas you can come play with us if Days of War or WW1 Source are not your cup of tea. We are always not just looking for new recruits, but also individuals we can call "regulars" and become lasting friends with. The new game only costs $10. So it should not break the bank for a lot of you. Yes, we will be writing reviews and adding it to our curator option below in case you want to see what we recommend. Note - actually read them if you are, we tend to thumbs up EA's, but write our real responses in the actual content area of the review. So if $10 is something not easily spared but you are interested in this game, we will be offering a very thorough review and basing it / comparing it to WW1 Source and DOW. View the full article
  17. I finally got feedback on it. Turns out someone (community player) saved the map before they had to remove it, then renamed it and hosted it on private servers until it spread and we picked it up and placed it in downloads. In the next patch, unfortunately they may have to block Rumble for legal reasons. So with this knowledge, there is really no sense in keeping it in the download section.
  18. Hey, as of yesterday the 91.LLID does NOT exist anymore, please remove us from the Unit list. Thanks!
  19. Below is a video of our second realism match we had this weekend. We have schedued these to take place every 2 weeks for now on so our next one will be scheduled for March 4th. We still have a couple more to host before opening to public to ensure mid-lines, weapon restrictions, call outs and legal spots are fair and balanced. We have been approached by a few asking to take part. Although we cannot garuntee it, we can try to open a few player slots for non unit members to come play. Once the rules and boundries are set up we will begin hosting public realisms that will be scheduled and require sign ups. Action starts at 19:00 View the full article
  20. IMO the game (community anyway) is on pause. There is only so much fun to be had on three maps and I can say that even though I am always finding renewed joy on it while playing with fellow unit members, I can only imagine the bore for the average player with no one to talk to. I have concerns, but those are for what comes MUCH later in the year. For the here and now I am not worried at all that DOW will not bounce back. I think the #1 activity killer is not the game itself, but the maps. There is not just enough to make most people hold interest for long. I do not predict a huge player base on final release day, but something in the 5,000-7,000 a day range is what I am sensing. That is more than enough players for every realism unit to do very well with. That is still pretty low. I think BAT44 will easily eclipse 10,000 plus in their first weeks of release, but fall hard. They will be greatly effected by any postponements as well. But I think the reason for the lower player base is that the target audience for DoW is the old breed. Since coming to DOW, our recruiting age median went from 14 years old to 27. For 7 years I have always been the oldest in my unit and am now the 3rd oldest. However, this is of course a good thing. If the worst case scenario occurs, we now have a lot of older and more mature players that we can move into a new game with. But I do not see that occurring for many years. So my vote! Nothing to be afraid of. Just needs more maps. That will cause the community to expand 3-5 times what it currently is and hold interest while it steadily grows with updates.
  21. Is the map editor out yet? If not, then having a handful of maps isn't going to get communities growing.
  22. the full article
  23. TOPIC OF THE WEEK: ISSUE #4 Week Ending 2/19/2017 Are you worried about days of war? Days of War launched on January 26th, 2017 under EA. Now, 3.5 weeks into the future, and servers are for the most part empty. Granted there are still players to be found at any time of the day, but generally all in one server and shows getting less and less. So in this weeks TOTW, do you think the game is so far down that it cannot pick itself back up again? Has the damage already been done? With a Steam Review score of 67% positive, you have to be wondering it.
  24. The first custom map for DOW is released! Granted, it will look VERY familiar to any ho played Days of War from April until just three days after EA launch. Kudos to the man with the big sack for compiling and releasing the DODS classic reborn! View the full article
  25. We have added a hover image to our main website and forums that directs any looking for a custom map we use on our server or other servers to a list of all custom maps in DOW and their download. You can see it by going to either: or _________________ New Custom Map added: dow_rumble This is actually dow_Thunder. Someone compilled it and it can be ran in game, but requires the client (you) to have to download and install it first before you can play on it. View the full article
  26. Awesome! lets hope more people get interested so we can get this community rockin!
  27. lol indeed it does
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