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  11. I found out today that the age old saying "join the US military and earn your path towards citizenship" is in fact a lie. Yes, it is a path and partly true, but that is not what many of us think. The path is not just dedicated your LIFE for four or more years in the service of your new country....but also a LONG and confusing line of paperwork AFTER you get out to finally obtain citizenship. Even while in the military I and pretty much everyone else I am finding out while speaking with those from my old unit that if you enlisted in the US military for citizenship, it is in agreement we all thought you should had got it immediatly upon reaching active duty or finished with a Honerable Discharge. Apparantly that is not the case. All that it means is that your "file" is now more of a priority for immigration to "get to"...... This tears my soul apart fellas. There is NO other group of immigrants trying to become citizens in our country more deserving to call themselves fellow Americans than those who fought to defend it. This is a utter disgrace to what they sacrificed. PLEASE HELP RAISE AWARENESS How? By simply doing at least one of the following: - Send messages to celebrities you follow asking for them to raise awareness. - Share the link below on social media - Contact state and local government in your area Article showing the plight of 230 warrirors getting the green weenie from America. Not a central story on any news network due to Kathy Griffin not taking Kirk Lazarus's advice on Tropic Thunder. Share the article below. Takes two seconds. View the full article
  12. We have not given out any free games for a while. So, first person to reply to this announcement shall receive two copies of Chivalry to do with wat you want: the full article
  13. This weekend we honor those who gave their last breath to their nation, protecting their brothers and who stood and foght until the very end. Memorial Day for us is a somber day. I wish I could put into words what it feels like. It is a day of remembering funerals, combat and those that did not come home with us. It is remembering all their familiaes and loved ones left behind. Their favorite places to go or their funniest moments you ever had. Only 1% of our nations civilians take the oath. And of that, only 1% give everything. This weekend our entire nation grieves their sacrifice and thumps their chest proudly that they once knew someone so special. If you know anyone no longer with us who was in your nations military please share their names and branch of service in a reply to be added beside the list of other heroes: - SSgt. (Ram) Jason Ramseyer (USMC) - Sgt. David Christoff (USMC) - Cpl. Eric Lueken (USMC) - Cpl Andres Aguilar (USMC) - LCpl Yull Estrada (USMC) - -CPT. Nestor Triana (AFEUR Special Forces) (Columbia) If the Army and the Navy Ever look on Heaven’s scenes; They will find the streets are guarded By United States Marines. View the full article
  14. WW1 Source 2.0 is coming along nicely now that it has been moved to the Day of Infamy engine. In this months update we finally get to see many things that old WW1 Source players have been requesting for almost a decade! I had the chance to talk with Ashton (lead developer) and have confirmed some of the following that where items that made WW1 Source so special: - Weapons will still be hard to aim. Currently they are as accurate as a sniper rifle, but they plan to add a cone of fire to every weapon similiar to WW1 Source. They will be slightly better than WW1 Source's style though to appeal to DOI players who will make up a huge portion of their player base. - Realism match mode will still have to be incorperated by Sourcemod, but the game allows some extra tweakage to it to make the future mode more controlled and purposeful. - Artillery will behave like WW1 Source more than DOI. In DOI the artillery has a smaller radius and is much deadlier. They have expanding the radius, but what is interesting and what they may plan to keep is that sometimes it does explode in it's large radius given, but sometimes it can be very tight. It is completely random so that adds some to the WW1 Source "pray for killz" mentality with officers. View the full article
  15. If you are (or where) a big fan like I was of old school turn-based RPG's like Final Fantasy 1-6, Chrono Trigger, Ogre Battle and Dragon Quest; below is a game that all of you should seriously check out. This game takes you 100% back in time to the SNES days of playing a great turn-based RPG that contains a enthralling story, impossible odds and 32-bit glory! I personally have played almost every single old school RPG game that comes along and have never played one that is such a throw-back as Einlanzer is. It is on a 40% off sale and comes highly recomended. View the full article
  16. The 2nd Rangers Battalion is Transfering into Rising Storm 2! If you are interested in joining a Unit for RS2 Message Staff Sgt. Saunders on Steam. SSgt. Saunders [2RB] <<< Steam name. View the full article
  17. I am happy to announce the 2RB Has its first active 64 slot server in Rising Storm 2. Server Name: 2nd Rangers Battalion Server Server IP: Happy gaming ~ View the full article
  18. Saturday night event! Public Realism for all!! View the full article
  19. Ten Minutes till Platoon drills!!! These are mandatory! View the full article
  20. Ten Minutes till Platoon drills!!! These are mandatory! View the full article
  21. 30 mins tille toon Drills! View the full article
  22. 30 mins tille toon Drills! View the full article
  23. TOON DRILLS IN 40!!! View the full article
  24. I am updating the Days of War Clan List again. This is a serious Pain In The Army-hole so please send the link below to your groups representatives to swing by and let me know what your groups status is. For anyone actually interested in joining a group in Days of War, be known that many groups are on hiatus due to player base and like many of us, are just waiting for the game to get some more updates before returning. We (3rd MAR) are increasing our activity again soon if you want a garunteed precense at least from a group you are in, but not to levels that we would be at if say we where in full swing or anything. A full list of units and clans can be found on the list below: View the full article
  25. Eww COD. Activision...Gross! But....COD back in WW2? Very Very Interesting.... Amazing how quickly we forget when a game is going back to what made it great to begin with. Watch the exclusive reveal today at: For a guy who has pretty much not given a crap about their past 5 titles, I personally am looking forward to this a lot. Let's hope they don't screw it up after the embarrassing whooping they took from BF1 last year. View the full article
  26. So I got a very mean letter from my ISP. Enough to where I am needing some help in how to torrent files without getting caught. Please provide a link to the program you use and the first one I find that seems easy enough to do I will award a free copy of Days of War. View the full article
  27. It's widely known that the Marines not only are the best branch the world and make the most woman pregnant, but they also have the best damn commercials on the planet! Come check out their newest one here. Also, the first non-DOW owner to respond with a motivated "OORAH!" (or something USMC related) shall receive a free copy of Days of War! And just for laughs, here is the Army's hahaha View the full article
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