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  1. Nah, it makes sense. 1. New players can't join it and wont understand. They then say game is broke in review. 2. For all we know Valve could had said use it as a unnofficial once you reach final release. We don't know what was agreed. 3. Until Map editor is released. How much would Valve believe Driven Arts claims they did not have something to do with its reappearance. On a side note, not saying this is you Harris, just a rant. I'm so tired of people over thinking/judging EA games. So quick to call them cash grabs and developers have up gave on it or that everything is a conspiracy. There are hundreds of EA titles releasing every month, there is no trend here to support those claims.
  2. I finally got feedback on it. Turns out someone (community player) saved the map before they had to remove it, then renamed it and hosted it on private servers until it spread and we picked it up and placed it in downloads. In the next patch, unfortunately they may have to block Rumble for legal reasons. So with this knowledge, there is really no sense in keeping it in the download section.
  3. IMO the game (community anyway) is on pause. There is only so much fun to be had on three maps and I can say that even though I am always finding renewed joy on it while playing with fellow unit members, I can only imagine the bore for the average player with no one to talk to. I have concerns, but those are for what comes MUCH later in the year. For the here and now I am not worried at all that DOW will not bounce back. I think the #1 activity killer is not the game itself, but the maps. There is not just enough to make most people hold interest for long. I do not predict a huge player base on final release day, but something in the 5,000-7,000 a day range is what I am sensing. That is more than enough players for every realism unit to do very well with. That is still pretty low. I think BAT44 will easily eclipse 10,000 plus in their first weeks of release, but fall hard. They will be greatly effected by any postponements as well. But I think the reason for the lower player base is that the target audience for DoW is the old breed. Since coming to DOW, our recruiting age median went from 14 years old to 27. For 7 years I have always been the oldest in my unit and am now the 3rd oldest. However, this is of course a good thing. If the worst case scenario occurs, we now have a lot of older and more mature players that we can move into a new game with. But I do not see that occurring for many years. So my vote! Nothing to be afraid of. Just needs more maps. That will cause the community to expand 3-5 times what it currently is and hold interest while it steadily grows with updates.
  4. TOPIC OF THE WEEK: ISSUE #4 Week Ending 2/19/2017 Are you worried about days of war? Days of War launched on January 26th, 2017 under EA. Now, 3.5 weeks into the future, and servers are for the most part empty. Granted there are still players to be found at any time of the day, but generally all in one server and shows getting less and less. So in this weeks TOTW, do you think the game is so far down that it cannot pick itself back up again? Has the damage already been done? With a Steam Review score of 67% positive, you have to be wondering it.
  5. Explains why the Carbine is about useless and the Gewhr sucks sweaty nut sacks.
  6. Can count us in of course.
  7. Lord if this is turning into a "whos better" between clans and realism I can go on all day in Realism's favor.
  8. Semper Fi brother! Glad to keep seeing more Marines here to lead the way! Could not ask for a better start. You have a lot of experience and are a valuable asset to the DOW Realism Community. Keep up the good work Devil! Hi and welcome. Glad to have you here!
  9. Hell, I could had told you we would not get enough people wanting to play lol. Kinda figured that out two weeks ago. But hey, A for effort there PRO!
  10. Is this directed at any one in the Realism Community? Or just general info? So far I have seen unit leaders being great with pubbers as well as their members. If anything, I think Realism Unit servers do more to include the random pinned than other servers I have noticed.
  11. MG Suppression effect. Blurred/Frantic vision when being shot at.
  12. Semper Fi (again) brother. Welcome to the Realism Community. I need to make my introduction one of these days! As stated in another reply, I am also out of the Corps. Would not trade any of it for a second (but would also kill someone if they tried to make me go back in). I am familiar with the 15th. They did a lot of good things on their organization and website (because I helped them with it lol), but they also had some very good other areas of organization that I adopted into my unit as with any good things I come across. But I understand that they fell short on giving members a good feeling of immersion. In a game like ARMA, I am not sure how or why they did not opt for a more tactical approach while in game. Obviously, I hope you can curb your expectations some for any of the groups in Days of War. A game like this is not easy to go full in motoboner in, but some of us try. I invite you to watch my Stream this Sunday of us having a mixed realism. I would link it here but I am on my phone. You'll see a lot of what you saw with the 15th, but hopefully that "something" you did not see. Sundays Realism will give you a good snap shot of what you can expect to see from most of the Realism Units in this community as I have known most of these groups for years.